Some Tips for Those Who Have Lost Power

Before the power comes back on, turn off the power to your furnace by
1. Turning off the switch at your furnace (this is the power to the furnace and can be used in normal circumstances to “recycle” and restart your furnace)
2. Turn off the circuit breaker to your furnace.

After the power is restored to your house and everything has started up that was never shut down – the refrigerator, the lights, the humidifiers/dehumidifiers, computers, TVs and other electronics, electric space heaters, etc. After a few minutes, restore the power to your furnace by reversing the process that you performed above (either 1 or 2 or both.

At the time that everything is coming up, the surges can be disastrous to furnaces and other appliances.

Also, if you are using a generator, beware that if the generator is not running with the full 60 hertz frequency that it is possible that it could cause damage to your furnace.

We hope that everyone is safe. Check on your neighbors and make sure everyone is okay!
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